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It's Drive Your Parents to Work Day!

2010Posted by Jonte Tuesday, February 23 2010 13:24:32
This morning I actually got up at a decent time! (around 7.30)
Mainly because it's snowing here and the trains are barely running and the buses are crap. So most people are actually trying to work from home just because the weather conditions make it hard to get anywhere.
Well.. not really the weather conditions, it's just that people here suck. When things get down to -15 they panic and everything fucks up.

So I had to get up, get dressed and drive, first my mom, to work. And then drive my dad to a place where he could grab a functioning train to get to his work :)

But I suggest we should have a Drive your parents to work day just to celebrate all the many times they've taken time and effort to drive us around when we are kids for all kinds of practices and stuff! ;P

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Posted by Tina Monday, March 15 2010 09:52:20

Good Idea :D I'm up for it!