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Life! The Universe! And Everything!

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2010Posted by Jonte Thursday, September 30 2010 02:00:32
Hey all.. I'm back!

So, yeah, I've been hesitant to actually write anything over the time due to the fact that it seems that everytime I feel like writing is due to that I have something bugging me or that I'm feeling down. And since I don't really like sharing my feeling with people I've been avoiding to do it.
However, as cynical and ironic life is... what's the point of feeling bad if no'one knows about it, eh? So of course my mind craves for someone to care, although I don't want to tell them why and I don't want to bother them with it.
And thus we have a problem within ones own mind; In order to deal with the problem at hand one part of the mind craves to share of ones feelings and the other part craves to be strong and simply shut up and don't tell anyone about anything, because that's the strong way to do it.
But it seems as if, after 4 glasses of wine (a glass measuring up to 0.5 litres) my other half is winning ;)
And thusly I'm writing here.

First of all.. I want to say Thank you for being there when I deserved you the least. Thank you for not leaving me when I treated you like dirt.
Thank you for being you and giving me every reason to survive, and although it may not have been us you were always there.
I understand your reasons and I respect them. I just hope sometime, somewhere we'll meet again, and I get to hear what an awesome life you've had!

It's always sad to see someone you love and respect leave you. Although it's for the right reasons, it's not fun, and it's always hard. I don't talk easily and that's partially the reason why this blog was set up. For me to ventilate my thoughts since I can't talk to people. Thus, I just basically hope that no'one reads this blog at the same time that I wish that they do.

It's wonderful, that human hypocrisy; where you want attention, although at the same time wish it to be gone. But since you're here, let me tell you a tale...

... This tale begins of a man who set out on a wonderful journey. A journey which changed his whole life. It gave him different views and made him believe that any world he was placed in, he would survive. No matter what. Thanks to his friend and due to nature itself, he would survive.

Then this man came back home, he realised that with the systems carried out within his own country this man needed a job. And he managed to get himself one. However, soon after him coming back, he felt the urge to continue travelling, to visit the unknown and live life on the edge.
Although he got this job which he went to every day and worked hard for to do his best, his thoughts grew for the unknown and mystical world that lay beyond.

And he got answered! Not in the way he craved for though, but a world more vast and more magical than ever before spread out before him. And thus the world of Warhammer opened before him. He got asked for a job in one of their stores, being bored of his job at the moment and offered a higher wage, he accepted.

After the boy accepted, he realised how much he had left to swallow. But still he fought on, believing that he was right in his decision. He fought on to learn this massive amount of information and history that was spread out in front of him...

Although the boy tried hard, he got angry at himself for not learning quick enough, for not grasping the facts fast enough.
And although the boy tries hard... he's still got a lot to learn... a lot to experience... a lot to realize... before he becomes a man......

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