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Life! The Universe! And Everything!

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2010Posted by Jonte Saturday, June 05 2010 11:41:01
Good morning!

Lately I've been having dreams strange dreams, realistic dreams, horrifying dreams. Dreams basically. But over a pretty long period of time it'd seem that the dreams are all taking place in the same small mountain/valley town/village. It's rather peaceful and I can kinda place the architecture to be rather simple, but sort of modern. It's not in sweden, because they speak english.

Every time I return to this place it's for different reasons, or I just happen to be there (sadly I can't remember the full dream, nor the reason for me actually going there this time.)

It's not bothering me in the least to come back to that place when I dream, because it's a wonderful place. I just hope I can get to learn more about it. In this dream I took the train there.
If I remember, I'll try to draw some of the sceneries and architecture which is currently stuck in my mind, because it's a beautiful place!

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