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Our Greatest Fear?

2010Posted by Jonte Sunday, March 14 2010 23:33:19
I find it very interesting how we humans function...
We read something in a book, on the Internet, the paper or watch it on TV and tell ourselves - or someone else for that matter, "That's so true! It's crazy that we're behaving in this way in our society."

And yet, when the situation arises for you, you haven't actually listened to a single word that been written, but acts in the exact same way that everybody else - whom you thought of being so stupid.

Which, in reality you only do to save yourself from the uncertainty and fear of handling something you're not certain the outcome for.

What is it today that we fear the most?

Terrorist attacks? Death? Rape? Spiders? Snakes? Poisoned water? The loss of a loved one?

No. I think our biggest fear is to be alone with ourselves.
Let that sink in for a second. Be alone with yourself.

Have you ever done it? Have you ever sat down, shut out all manner of communication with the outside world and had a conversation with yourself. Found out who you really are?
It's funny that. We look in the mirror countless times every day, but at times you can see it. There's someone looking back at you when you catch a glimpse into your own eyes. A being that you respect and fear, love and hate... You.

I have tried it at times. But I have barely scratched its surface. And this I've done out of necessity, not choice.

But still, I try to fill every second of my day with something to do. "The day must not go to waste!" I say. Realizing my lie even as I form it.
Reality is that I, just as many others, am afraid. Afraid to seize the time, effort and pain to realize the truth about myself.

Thusly I spend every waking moment bombarding myself with media in every form - Movies, Music, MSN, Youtube, Facebook, Gym, Running, Games, TV, Writing, Reading, Hanging out with friends, Shopping, Cleaning, Telephone, Working, etc, etc.

If you would write down all the things you do in a day I believe you'd be amazed what you can make up to avoid doing nothing at all...

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