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Home sweet Ho... err...

2010Posted by Jonte Sunday, February 14 2010 23:11:13
Coming back home was quite the mission, to say the least.
The changes are incredible! I don't really know what to do, but basically. I'm trying just to get by, get a job and pay back my debts.

I'm getting a bit pissed off at the mentality here overall, or it's just me who's been living in a place where everyone's really helpful and friendly?

Suddenly, if you're sitting on the subway or bus and moving your head or drumming your hands on your legs in rhythm to the music you're listening to. They look at you like you belong in the nut house.

It's scary... Anyway. You'll probably hear a few more rants from me in the future.

It's really nice meeting all the friends and family again! Ebba (my niece) doesn't really want to let go of me. She's sooo cute!

And we had a guys night out (dinner at least), which was great! Had massive steaks at the Texas Longhorn. Was awesome. After that we went out to have a couple of beers and met up with more people. Really great to meet everyone again.

Now I'm looking forward to finishing my CV so that I can apply for a couple of jobs and kick some ass!

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