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100116 - Laem Thian

2010Posted by Jonte Friday, January 22 2010 06:40:37
Okay, I’ve been putting this off for too long now… it has to be done.

I’m currently in the Laem Thian resort, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s a heavenly place on earth. Peaceful and beautiful beyond anything I’ve really experienced before with great people working here. There’s not many people staying here at the moment sadly, but hopefully there’ll be a bit of a boost soon. Last time I wrote in this I was on the bus on the way to Koh Samui 17 days ago… As you can imagine a lot has happened since then. So I’ll try to make a quick recap.

New Year.
The new year party in Koh Pan-gang was massive. Everything happened at the beach and I went there with a girl I met in the reception of thee hotel I was staying at. There’d been a problem with her booking, so I - good bloke as I am - let her stay with me in my room.
The party itself was a blast, I drank a lot of buckets and met different people throughout the night I spent some time with and then moved on to some new people. Suffice to say, I was never really alone. There was about 70 000 people on the beach that night and they had put up lots of different speaker systems along the beach so every type of music was being played. It was amazing.

The way back to Koh Samui was a bit troublesome with crappy transportation, so I had to buy an extra ticket to get back.
When I got back to the hotel I went straight into the sea for a swim, had breakfast and then slept the entire next day.

The week I stayed in Koh Samui was boring as hell and although I went out for walks now and then I couldn’t find any people to hang around with and I was trying to change my tickets to go home earlier, but there weren’t any, so I decided to try to get to Koh Tao - where I’d heard it was a good place to stay and relax - to spend as little money as possible.
I did the foolproof backpacker technique - check the internet for the cheapest place and look at the reviews.
Thus I found Laem Thian.

The woman running Laem Thian is named Pingpong and with her husband (who left a few days after I got here) they are amazingly fun! There were 3 finnish guys whom I got to know very well and we went out with Pingpong to party in a place called The Castle. A really cool place with 3 dance floors on 3 different levels and just a massive party.
We got back around 7 o’clock in the morning and then Paul (one of the finnish guys) passed out in the bar here, so we started to mess around with him, lighting cigarettes between his toes and finally it ended up with Pingpong painting his nails red (hands and feet) and also lipstick and a big “Love you long time - Ping Pong Bar” in his forehead.

The snorkeling here is also beautiful. There used to be a massive coral reef in this entire bay, but due to a storm a few years ago it all got destroyed, so now there’s only coral ruins… However, the fish is still plentiful and me and Tuomo had 11 reef sharks circling us! Big ones as well! If you bring an empty plastic bottle which makes a noise when you squeeze it and bring it with you they become interested when they hear the sound, so they come to check it out. I also saw barracudas, pretty big ones those as well. So from now on when I go out I don’t bring any jewelery with me, since barracudas are known for attacking anything that’s shiny. And you don’t want them biting you, let me assure you.

I haven’t been able to go scuba diving due to the fact that I don’t have any money.

Ping pong is so nice to me so she actually lets me stay here with a discount since she knows my money situation. And also yesterday she let me have a bucket for less than half price! Thanks to the Finnish guys (who’d been staying here for about a month) I’ve gotten to know Ping pong and the staff very well, which has really worked in my favor. And they’re so nice people as well.

Ping pong has a son who’s three years old and is constantly running around the main area of the resort, talking to everyone (in thai) and playing with people. He’s not at all shy and quite a handful to be honest, but he’s loads of fun!
He reminds me a lot of Liam when he was younger in some ways. But I’m not surprised as to how the Thai are so good at fire twirling. Panot (the 3 year old boy) has already started to twirl with the staff. Not with fire, but just playing around with it, trying to imitate his father.

And ping pong is going to teach me how to do the Poi as well! And more with the staff. So I’m really looking forward to my stay here. Only thing though, they don’t burn with the liquid I used in Australia or that is usually being used in Sweden, they burn with diesel, which I learnt the hard way at the full moon party.

Anyway, I’m relaxing and living life here at the moment. Sleeping more than I ever thought possible and dreaming strange strange dreams. But that’s interesting in itself I must say.

I’m feeling exited to go out partying so much and every party is a challenge in itself to see how many new people I can meet.

Haha, oh yeah. Almost forgot. The road to the Laem Thian is a huge reason why the place is so quiet and peaceful. There’s only a few cabs who are willing to drive this way because the road is so rough. You need a four wheel drive jeep to even get close to this place. A normal scooter won’t make it. The water is constantly washing away the road when it rains (the road goes straight through the rainforest), and thus the rocks are completely visible in most places and… yeah.. I can’t find any way to describe it apart from even when you’re sitting in the back of the jeep you’re a rag doll as you’re driving along. It takes 45 minutes to walk and with the jeep it takes 30 minutes… You’re going up and down in angles like 150-160 degrees at times. Angles I never thought a vehicle would be able to drive in.

I’ve had lots of fun animals in my bungalow as well! Which is located on top of a massive hill with lots of steps. It feels like you’re in an old temple ruin, because rather than moving the rocks they build around and on top of them. Behind me is the rain forest, and so I’m very close to the jungle. So far I’ve had a tree snake two big spiders, squirrels (kinda), and a big brown rat (it was really cute!). I’ve only been able to photograph the spider and the snake, the rats and squirrels were to quick.

Now though, I think it’s time for me to go snorkeling (I bought a good mask and snorkel for a cheap price). I’ll catch you all later and maybe sometime I’ll try to sit down and write a post about things that’s going on in my head as well.. We’ll see… I only have electricity from 18.00 - 06.00, haha. Running out of batteries.

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