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Ko Tao!

2010Posted by Jonte Friday, January 08 2010 09:25:25
Hey there!

This will be a very short post due to the fact that I'm sitting on paying internet writing it.

I made it away from Ko Samui and have reached Ko Tao. It's an amazing island and all my doubts I had before about not being able to stay here are now gone, it's a lot cheper than Ko Samui (although I do belive that my alcohol costs will rise a bit), and thus I can stay here for the full time I had planned to.

I'm staying at a place which is (belive it or not) very similar to The Art's Factory with even more beautiful environment and idyllic looks.
I will try to buy myself snorkling equipment so I don't have to rent it constantly... But... wow.. it's soo beautiful, it feels like you're living in an old temple ruin with all the rocks and mountainside coming down. This means that there's a lot of steps, and they're not in the prime condition, but it all adds to the charm.

I'll show you pictures and videos later on when I have the chanse to.

Just wanted to let you know that I am well and everything's going alright. I've met a few nice people to hang out with as well and the owner and her family is awesome as well! Hopefully she's taking us out clubbing tonight ;)

You just have to be weary not passing out when she's around.. because she will do evil things to you -.-"

Anyway, I'll upload the posts of new years and the other later on when I have the chanse!

Best regards to you all!

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