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091229 - Australia

2010Posted by Jonte Saturday, January 02 2010 07:50:21
Farewell Australia! I shall see you soon again!
We’ve had a good run and I have great memories from you. All the strange times - Doing pushups in the strangest places, all the laughter, all the sorrow, frustration and hopefulness.
You’ve changed my life forever and thanks to my friends I met there, I am now entering life stronger and better than ever before.
I’ve tried many new things, and taken on and discarded many of them. That’s what Jo, my dear friend, has helped me with. She’s thrown things at me and stepped back to see what sticks on me. And for that, Jo, I thank you with all my heart.
Without you, I don’t know where I would stand today. I don’t think I would’ve evolved as much as I now have.

I know I’ll see you all again my friends. Jo, Marte, Adam, Chris, Barry, Tee, Jess, Joakim, Fiachra, Dave (both of you) and Vlad. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone of The Tribe. I love you all more than I think you can imagine!

And to all the rest of the people in the Art’s Factory I’ve met. Thank you for being you and not pretending. You are all amazing people and I hope I’ll meet you again someday as well. Love and hugs to all of you!

Australia - I’ll see you later mate!

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