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091227 - Christmas Day

2010Posted by Jonte Saturday, January 02 2010 07:48:28
Well, I’ve had an interesting day and night.
I arrived to Sydney and had no large difficulties to get the train to Kings Cross to meet up with Marte again. Which was great!
However. There was no place to stay in her hostel, and they wanted 50(!) bucks a night. Outrageous! I asked them what I got extra for paying double the cost.
She just looked at me funnily and said “extra?”. Of course not. You don’t get any extra for paying double the price in holiday seasons… In real Christmas sprit and all.
Anyway, as I said. I had no place to stay and even though Marte had a double bed she was sleeping alone in, there was no space for me…
At 10 PM they asked me to leave. At least they let me leave my bags and stuff in Marte’s room. So I had no valuables on me (apart from my phone), and so, I prepared to see what the streets of Sydney was like on Christmas day. Yes mom, I dressed warm and Marte even borrowed me her scarf J

After wandering up the road 50 meters I bumped into some guys standing outside a hostel, being drunk. So I stopped by them to chat for a while before I was planning on going to the cathedral to see if they would have any place for a newly become drifter like myself.
But alas, the only one at the house of god was a grumpy security guard who looked at me like I just murdered 10 people.

Did I tell you that it was raining? No, I didn’t did I? Anyway. It was. Not much, but enough to cool you down like hell after spending some time in it.
Finally I managed to find a couple of steps outside a business office which was sheltered from both sight and rain. Thusly I spent three hours sleep there, before I moved spot to a bench outside a hotel which was closed. There I spent three more hours, before moving to McDonalds, buying a muffin and spending two hours there, sitting and falling asleep and having a man throwing a glass heart at me saying “Merry Christmas”. Well, he didn’t really throw it AT me, but to me. So it was a kind gesture.

After that it was eight o’clock, so I went back to the hostel and asked if they had any accommodation, which they now did! Wohoo! And I was allowed to stay, not for 10 days as everyone else was forced to book, but only during the time before my flight left. Which ruled.
And I had a toilet and shower in my room as well. Not worth 50 bucks a night, but what do you do. At least I’m in the same place as my friend.

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