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Merry Christmas!

2009Posted by Jonte Thursday, December 24 2009 04:59:57
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to you all!

This is going to be another loong random message containing no real point or purpose other than entertaining myself on a boring bus ride.

Christmas is all about sharing and caring, eating and drinking, argues and stress. Proper Christmas times. At least that’s what I’ve understood from all the people I’ve met when travelling. It’s all part of it. Of course - in the end it’s all made up for and, overall, Christmas is something great and beautiful.
For me right now though, it’s something which will be very different.
To start with, there’s no snow. Secondly, there’s no family or friends to celebrate it with. Thirdly…I’m on a bus right now.

But hey! Then again! It’s just the 24th. And… on Christmas day, when everything is closed and no single person should be working, I’m flying from Christchurch to Sydney. Hoping that they’ll be in a jolly good Christmas mood and giving me lots of free stuff on the plane and showing the Nightmare before Christmas on the TV screens.

I’m looking forward to it though. I’m meeting up with Marte again there, and I’ve also decided to meet up with a Sydney girl I met when bungy jumping. And the two of us have a mission to do. If it works or not, we’ll see, but it’s another sign on how much I’ve changed - all for the better of course.
So yes, my days in Sydney will be eventful even though there’s only 4 of them…

I’m hoping to be able to get onto the internet today in the library, but I’m not sure if the libraries are open during Christmas…

To go back to a few things which’ve happened earlier on…
Me and Caroline did reach Franz Josef - of course. And we went to see the Glacier! Which was amazing! That massive chunk of ice and the valley it’d pressed itself into… It’s a mighty sight for those who hasn’t seen anything like it before. I didn’t go climbing on it though. Don’t really have the money to do it right now. And because of that chunk of ice, it’s very rainy in the close lying area of it… Me - not having any rain clothes what so ever was not too bothered by this actually. It was cold and wet, but it wasn’t raining a lot… until we decided to go back home at least - and we managed to hitch a ride back to the hostel by a friendly couple from Australia.
Oh! There was a really cool bird there as well! Not very scared of people at all and a bloody model on top of that! Jumping from rock to rock and posing for pictures just a few meters away.

Anyway, we had to stay there for one more night than intended - due to that there is no bloody way to actually get OUT of Franz Josef unless you have your own car. And since it’s always raining, you don’t wanna hitch.
We booked a bus on the evening before, went out to stand outside about 5 minutes before it was intended to be there. But apparently the bus had already passed and gone. We got very confused and went over to the hostel to talk to them about this and they told us to go down to the bus stop - there somehow had to be some sort of mistake.
So we did, and just as I’m walking up on the side of the bus, it closes the door and drives off… Annoyance.

We got to borrow a mobile phone off a nice girl to call the company and ask what the hell was going on? They told us they’d call the driver. After much frustration the bus finally came back for us. Apparently they hadn’t notified the driver that we were supposed to be on the bus, so - of course. He didn’t wait for us.
He was very nice though and we made it to Hokitika.
The passengers on the bus though was not so nice - when I came on I thanked everyone for their patience and apologised for causing such a mess. The obvious thing to do, right?
Then a man opens his mouth as I‘m passing by and gives me a very “upper class“ - look (you know the one - “I‘m so much better than you“-one), American of course, “We wouldn’t have waited for you…”.

Later on when we were on a quick stop he came back up to me again and asked me where I’m from.. “Sweden.”
“Oh, we thought you were from Florida because you were so late.”
… I’m sorry? Does these people believe that the world revolves around them? There’s more bloody countries in the world than America.
A friend of mine who’s American told me something very true. “The one thing Americans need to understand is that the rest of the world hates them.”
This might seem very racist or close-minded when you’re travelling. But when you’re in a group of friends, the Americans are the guys who always has to be the centre of attention and can’t be satisfied with just listening to a story, but has to come up with a better story to beat the story just been told. Funny that the people of one of the most powerful countries in the world would have the tiny dick complex. Guess that’s explains a lot about the country itself.

Anyway… enough ranting.
We finally reached Hokitika and spent a few hours there - looking at Kiwis and learning a bit about Punamu and New Zealand Jade. I even splashed out a bit and got myself a Christmas present.
Taking a bus from Hokitika we finally came to Greymouth. And I spent that bus trip talking to a girl from Austria named Silvia. We decided to go to the same hostel and we all ended up in the same room, along with a Welch guy who came a bit later and suddenly a crew was formed! His friend also turned up a bit later and we had an awesome evening!
Lots of fun and drinks until it was time for us to leave the day after. Caroline stayed behind to go to Christchurch the day after that. Silvia took a bus to Nelson and I hitched to the same location, and we both was going to meet up at the same hostel there.
Hitching is always fun and an adventure in itself - so I won’t bore you with details. But I made it after a good couple of k’s walking and about 8 hours.

Oh! I stopped by the ‘Pancake rocks’ and was chased by seagulls (went to far out on the rocks too close to their nesting place, haha). It was pretty damned cool and I’ve got pictures of that as well.

The hostel had free wifi (Yay!), so I was on the net quite a lot when I was staying there and me and Silvia went kayaking the day after I arrived. It was completely awesome and I saw seels with their babies, penguins and shags (to mention a few). I also saw a black shag - apparently a thing which is very rare to see by the coast.
I thought he was kidding first. But a shag is actually a type of bird…And - as the name states - a black shag is a completely black one.
They’re quite funny because unlike other birds they’re not water resistant. They soak the water up to sink easier. But when they get back up they can hardly fly because they’re so heavy, so they have to get to a branch and dry out in the sun.
We stopped on a beach to relax and have something to drink and eat. I was lying on a beach and bathing in the sea a few days before Christmas. I also had a mug of hot chocolate, which was delicious!
Our tour guide had lost his watch, he told us this and asked what the time was… no one knew of course.
So we managed to stretch the tour out to be about an hour longer than it was supposed to be - Awesomeness!

Right… so we’ve made it up ’til the day before yesterday now… And nothing really happened that day apart from us baking Austrian Christmas cookies and bribing us in with those to share a nice mussel meal some others cooked.
Silvia left early in the morning, and thus I was without anyone I knew again, but fear not people! I found one! A woman who had turned 30 the day before had moved into my room and of course, we had to celebrate her 30th birthday with two bottles of wine and some nice food. It was a fun evening and around midnight I brought out the guitar and began playing a few songs. Feels weird when you’re the only one who knows how to play again.. But apparently people liked it and I was even able to pick out a few songs just by them singing it and I’d find the chords to it. So, even though I don’t know many popular songs, I can still pick ‘em out.

Wow, 3rd page…
The one who reads all this is one go must either be very interested, or very bored.
Anyway… I can’t think of anything more to write, schooo.. I’ll see you all later! Probably in Australia!
Merry Christmas to you all!

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