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091212 - New Zealand

2009Posted by Jonte Sunday, December 20 2009 00:02:58
It is now the 12 December. I came to New Zealand a week ago and have travelled further than I ever thought I would in such a short time.
I’ve been travelling with Carolin, a Swedish girl I met in Christchurch and we’ve been hitchhiking together since. It’s been a good trip and an easy one at that, people believe we’re a couple and thus they are more likely to pick us up. It’s been proven to work so far. We went from Christchurch with a guy we met in the hostel, and he took us almost halfway. Then we got a ride from there with an old man who had beaten cancer and had to lift his leg up to the clutch every time he was going to use it.
He took us down old roads next to the canals and on small sightseeing trips to different lookout points where he stopped and let us take pictures. It was amazing to see all these different routes most people don’t know anything about.
He took us down to Twizel, a tiny town in the middle of nowhere pretty much. But we got a lift from there by a man who was on a business trip with a rental car. He was from the northern island, but had never been down to the southern parts. So he was on as much of a sightseeing as we were. He drove us to Wanaka, which turned out to be a beautiful place with a lake and mountains all around it. It’s hard to believe that you can come to a place which looks like they do on a postcard. But the places like that do exist. Believe me.
Today we left Wanaka and headed for Queenstown, which is also a beautiful place. We got a lift from a girl who was very well travelled, having been in many places, including Sweden.
We drove through a mountain pass, over it is more proper to say though. It was an amazing sight from on top of it. You’ll be hearing a lot of that word in this, for all I have seen so far has been amazing. Much alike the post cards you might see. The next time I come here I will buy a car and drive by myself. To get a proper look of it all.
On the way down from the mountain we started to smell something burning, which happened to be the breaks of the car we were travelling in… so we had to stop a few times on the way down to let them cool down a bit. But we made it to Queenstown without much difficulty and she even let us stop at a supermarket to buy some food.

It’s been a crazy and fun trip so far and me and Carolin are actually getting along pretty well. I booked some awesome stuff today though, for tomorrow I am going to do a 15 000 feet skydive in the morning, and the tallest bungy jump and also a massive canyon swing in the afternoon!
It’s going to be amazing beyond belief!

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