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091206 - Farwell Byron Bay

2009Posted by Jonte Sunday, December 20 2009 00:02:10
Farewell Byron Bay! I’ll see you another time.
It was not easy to leave for me. But with the knowledge of what’s awaiting me, I could at the same time not wait for it to happen.

Jo, Marte, Alicia, Tee and Jess followed me to the bus, and when we were there we met Rachel as well who also came to say farewell. Me with 6 girls carrying all my stuff behind me was quite the feeling to be honest. But it also made me realize how good friends I’ve made during my almost 4 months here in Byron Bay and the Art’s Factory.
I’ve had an amazing time with lots of joy, tears, laughter and sorrow. Every component to make a place unforgettable. I’ve chased bush turkeys, removed dangerous spiders from my tent, helped capture deadly snakes, experienced wonderful locations and places, rock climbed and almost woken up a massive iguana, written songs and preformed for a big crowd both in the hostel and a bar, met wonderful musicians and people whom I feel honoured to call my friends.
I have indeed nothing to regret in any I have done and am proud to say that I have grown much as an individual in this place.
I will miss you Byron Bay, but most of all, will I miss my friends…

On my last day here I was pretty hung over due to the massive party we had the night before.
It was an amazing night and they got the Codebreakers to play my favourite song of theirs; Carnival.
I was rocking it out as usual, and as a finish they stood on either side of me with the guitars; my head in between the two guitars, as they were playing. It was an amazing stereo effect and I enjoyed every second of it.
Partly because I have yet to have one single person say anything bad about me, but the opposite. They have all said that I have a good thing going. That I am so easy to get along with and that no one’s ever had anything to hold against me.
Which I truly feel happy to hear, because it means I’m on the right path.

But, as I said… My last day was spent first by waking up, fixing the last of my taxback at 8 o’clock in the morning, jumping in the pool for a bit of a swim and breath-training (I.e. swimming two lengths of the pool under water) and then waiting for Jo to get ready to go to the Byron Sunday Market.
She was, of course, taking her time… Which gave me time to pack my bags and spray my guitar with a gloss to keep all the writing on it. After that we went to the market and I ended up spending far more money than I actually have available to spend on stuff I’m sending home (it’s a package you are not allowed to open if it arrives before me by the way. Important).
I did buy myself a Fire twirling staff though. Just so that I’ll have something to do in New Zealand and Thailand. I do really enjoy fire twirling, and now I finally have a good staff to do it with, once which has the length I like and also which has the weight I prefer.
Then I went back to the pool and had a few beers with the crew before we all set out to the bus. It was a massive amount of people to say “see you later” too, so it took a bit longer than expected.

Now I’m once again sitting on the Premier Bus towards Sydney. It will be an approximately 12 hour bus journey and after that I’ll grab a train to the airport to finally catch the flight to Christchurch, New Zealand.

New adventures awaits me, and who am I to decline them my presence?
No, I am very confident that what I will do will give e more experiences and let me grow further as an individual, and I can’t wait for it to happen!

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