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Back in Byron... again.

2009Posted by Jonte Tuesday, December 01 2009 06:59:54
Yeah, so I stretched my legs for a little while.
Went tree planting in Grafton. After one days work I realized I'd never get enough money to actually make anything out of it (after 6 hours work I earned 37 dollars). Sometimes you get shitty contracts, and sadly I didn't have the time to stick around to wait for a good one (which usually comes after).
So I spoke to my boss and left the next day, hitchhiking my way to Yamba to meet some old friends.

I was in luck, because after only about 45 minutes of walking down the road in the scorching heat with my backpack and my guitar I got a ride off an Aussie bloke.
He was going to Yamba as well to meet the same crew I was heading to. Fancy that eh?
He was a typical aussie who throws in "Ye know mate", "Fockin' 'ell mate!" "Ye know what I'm sayin' mate" into every single line. But after I while I learnt how to siv through the unneccissary commentary to make sure I understood what he was saying, which actually made me very confused in the beginning. Completely destroying the original purpose of the words.

When I finally reached Yamba it was a bit of a shock for me. It was so busy! They recogniced me immedietly when I stepped inside.
There was a completely new crew of course and a shit loads of schoolies (17-18 year olds who're on a party trip since they're finishing school).
So the hostel was a bit messier than before, which also ment they had to enforce a lot of rules they didn't before. It was still nice to see the Henwoods again.

After about two days there I left to hitch my way back to Byron and it only took me 3 different cars to get there (2,5 hour journey). Only locals, some were funny as hell. It was an amazing experience indeed.

I spoke to one guy who drove me the last bit from Lennox Heads to Byron and we began discussing the past Byron before the change.
He'd been living here his entire life and apparently the changes this small town has gone through are immensive.
He also spoke about how the attitude of the people and how the way they treated other people had changed.
People, and tourists especially were no longer treated as people, but more like disposable beings, to be used and then discarded.

It's despicable, but it's also one of the big truths of life I belive.
I had an conversation with Linus as well, he's a homeopath and knows a lot about medicine and history of diseases.
He told me many interesting things how mankind is currently destroying itself. I peiced toghether a few things myself of course, but the conversations and the knowledge of some of these people are just amazing.

I wrote a song about some of these things called 'Disposable Beigns', which is up on youtube. I'm going to try to link all my youtube videos from the Art's Factory Talent Show here. Or at least put them as my favourite on my youtube account and give you that.. or something.
When I get back home I'm going to upload all the videos myself on my youtube.
For now you'll have to do with the links.

Things right now are looking up, I'm rather looking forward to be on the road again and New Zealand holds many new adventures for me.
I'm happy with my time in Australia and will do my best to have an awesome time my last few days here in the Art's Factory.

I might build my own firestaff to take with me on my travels so I can practice in New Zealand and Thailand :)

Until next time!

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