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100116 - Laem Thian

2010Posted by Jonte Friday, January 22 2010 06:40:37
Okay, I’ve been putting this off for too long now… it has to be done.

I’m currently in the Laem Thian resort, Koh Tao, Thailand. It’s a heavenly place on earth. Peaceful and beautiful beyond anything I’ve really experienced before with great people working here. There’s not many people staying here at the moment sadly, but hopefully there’ll be a bit of a boost soon. Last time I wrote in this I was on the bus on the way to Koh Samui 17 days ago… As you can imagine a lot has happened since then. So I’ll try to make a quick recap.

New Year.
The new year party in Koh Pan-gang was massive. Everything happened at the beach and I went there with a girl I met in the reception of thee hotel I was staying at. There’d been a problem with her booking, so I - good bloke as I am - let her stay with me in my room.
The party itself was a blast, I drank a lot of buckets and met different people throughout the night I spent some time with and then moved on to some new people. Suffice to say, I was never really alone. There was about 70 000 people on the beach that night and they had put up lots of different speaker systems along the beach so every type of music was being played. It was amazing.

The way back to Koh Samui was a bit troublesome with crappy transportation, so I had to buy an extra ticket to get back.
When I got back to the hotel I went straight into the sea for a swim, had breakfast and then slept the entire next day.

The week I stayed in Koh Samui was boring as hell and although I went out for walks now and then I couldn’t find any people to hang around with and I was trying to change my tickets to go home earlier, but there weren’t any, so I decided to try to get to Koh Tao - where I’d heard it was a good place to stay and relax - to spend as little money as possible.
I did the foolproof backpacker technique - check the internet for the cheapest place and look at the reviews.
Thus I found Laem Thian.

The woman running Laem Thian is named Pingpong and with her husband (who left a few days after I got here) they are amazingly fun! There were 3 finnish guys whom I got to know very well and we went out with Pingpong to party in a place called The Castle. A really cool place with 3 dance floors on 3 different levels and just a massive party.
We got back around 7 o’clock in the morning and then Paul (one of the finnish guys) passed out in the bar here, so we started to mess around with him, lighting cigarettes between his toes and finally it ended up with Pingpong painting his nails red (hands and feet) and also lipstick and a big “Love you long time - Ping Pong Bar” in his forehead.

The snorkeling here is also beautiful. There used to be a massive coral reef in this entire bay, but due to a storm a few years ago it all got destroyed, so now there’s only coral ruins… However, the fish is still plentiful and me and Tuomo had 11 reef sharks circling us! Big ones as well! If you bring an empty plastic bottle which makes a noise when you squeeze it and bring it with you they become interested when they hear the sound, so they come to check it out. I also saw barracudas, pretty big ones those as well. So from now on when I go out I don’t bring any jewelery with me, since barracudas are known for attacking anything that’s shiny. And you don’t want them biting you, let me assure you.

I haven’t been able to go scuba diving due to the fact that I don’t have any money.

Ping pong is so nice to me so she actually lets me stay here with a discount since she knows my money situation. And also yesterday she let me have a bucket for less than half price! Thanks to the Finnish guys (who’d been staying here for about a month) I’ve gotten to know Ping pong and the staff very well, which has really worked in my favor. And they’re so nice people as well.

Ping pong has a son who’s three years old and is constantly running around the main area of the resort, talking to everyone (in thai) and playing with people. He’s not at all shy and quite a handful to be honest, but he’s loads of fun!
He reminds me a lot of Liam when he was younger in some ways. But I’m not surprised as to how the Thai are so good at fire twirling. Panot (the 3 year old boy) has already started to twirl with the staff. Not with fire, but just playing around with it, trying to imitate his father.

And ping pong is going to teach me how to do the Poi as well! And more with the staff. So I’m really looking forward to my stay here. Only thing though, they don’t burn with the liquid I used in Australia or that is usually being used in Sweden, they burn with diesel, which I learnt the hard way at the full moon party.

Anyway, I’m relaxing and living life here at the moment. Sleeping more than I ever thought possible and dreaming strange strange dreams. But that’s interesting in itself I must say.

I’m feeling exited to go out partying so much and every party is a challenge in itself to see how many new people I can meet.

Haha, oh yeah. Almost forgot. The road to the Laem Thian is a huge reason why the place is so quiet and peaceful. There’s only a few cabs who are willing to drive this way because the road is so rough. You need a four wheel drive jeep to even get close to this place. A normal scooter won’t make it. The water is constantly washing away the road when it rains (the road goes straight through the rainforest), and thus the rocks are completely visible in most places and… yeah.. I can’t find any way to describe it apart from even when you’re sitting in the back of the jeep you’re a rag doll as you’re driving along. It takes 45 minutes to walk and with the jeep it takes 30 minutes… You’re going up and down in angles like 150-160 degrees at times. Angles I never thought a vehicle would be able to drive in.

I’ve had lots of fun animals in my bungalow as well! Which is located on top of a massive hill with lots of steps. It feels like you’re in an old temple ruin, because rather than moving the rocks they build around and on top of them. Behind me is the rain forest, and so I’m very close to the jungle. So far I’ve had a tree snake two big spiders, squirrels (kinda), and a big brown rat (it was really cute!). I’ve only been able to photograph the spider and the snake, the rats and squirrels were to quick.

Now though, I think it’s time for me to go snorkeling (I bought a good mask and snorkel for a cheap price). I’ll catch you all later and maybe sometime I’ll try to sit down and write a post about things that’s going on in my head as well.. We’ll see… I only have electricity from 18.00 - 06.00, haha. Running out of batteries.

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Ko Tao!

2010Posted by Jonte Friday, January 08 2010 09:25:25
Hey there!

This will be a very short post due to the fact that I'm sitting on paying internet writing it.

I made it away from Ko Samui and have reached Ko Tao. It's an amazing island and all my doubts I had before about not being able to stay here are now gone, it's a lot cheper than Ko Samui (although I do belive that my alcohol costs will rise a bit), and thus I can stay here for the full time I had planned to.

I'm staying at a place which is (belive it or not) very similar to The Art's Factory with even more beautiful environment and idyllic looks.
I will try to buy myself snorkling equipment so I don't have to rent it constantly... But... wow.. it's soo beautiful, it feels like you're living in an old temple ruin with all the rocks and mountainside coming down. This means that there's a lot of steps, and they're not in the prime condition, but it all adds to the charm.

I'll show you pictures and videos later on when I have the chanse to.

Just wanted to let you know that I am well and everything's going alright. I've met a few nice people to hang out with as well and the owner and her family is awesome as well! Hopefully she's taking us out clubbing tonight ;)

You just have to be weary not passing out when she's around.. because she will do evil things to you -.-"

Anyway, I'll upload the posts of new years and the other later on when I have the chanse!

Best regards to you all!

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091230 - Thailand

2010Posted by Jonte Saturday, January 02 2010 07:52:45
Thailand! The land of mystery and beauty… Wtf. I think the bus just passed by the nazi swastika with the eagle and English flag on a tiny street here… Erm, where was I?
Oh yeah… Thailand! The land of mystery and beauty. The land of magical wonders and amazing symbols. The land of Tuktuks and hard haggling. The land where you get ripped off and think you made a good deal. The land I’m currently in…

I arrived to Thailand around midnight and when I finally got a cab and made my way into Bangkok it was around 1 am. I had hoped to make my way to the station so that I could catch a night train south towards Ko Pa-Ngan. But when the cab arrived at the station, all I could see was lesser fortunate people who didn’t have a better home - bums, and cops. After assessing the situation and coming up with the simple fact that it would be a bad idea to be dropped off with all my stuff in a place like this I kindly asked the driver to keep driving and find me a nice hotel.
Down a small street close to the station the cab driver stopped and gestured me to follow him. He pointed towards an old looking sign which stated ‘Hotel’.

As I made my way to the sign - making a few cats who were helping themselves to the garbage lying across the street, leave for a moment and cast me annoyed glances. I saw that the staircase led seemingly nowhere. Up through a small passageway where I could barely walk with my pack without scraping the sides on each side. With the taxi driver closely in tow behind me.
We finally emerged into a bigger room where a simple wooden table and chair stood. A man was sitting in the chair - watching TV. Another one was lying on a wooden couch, sleeping with a blanket over him.
After a bit of grunting the man, who apparently just awoke from our ascend, he gestured for me to come closer and sign a paper. The room would be 250 baht for one night.
Tired as I was, I couldn’t be bothered to haggle for it, so I took it.

The floor was made of stone, all stained and worn by time. There were cats everywhere, seeking shelter from the harsh streets outside. The concrete walls where painted white, where the paint remained. He led us down a bigger corridor down to a hallway with old, worn wooden floor and four concrete pillars, which had proven to stand against the time and paid the price.
There were many doors on the sides, all with padlocks on them. The night manager led me to one of the doors and unlocked it for me. Opened the doors and showed me my room.

It was high to the ceiling and above the door was merely bars and insect nets. The doors were thin, worn and wooden and only secured by a thin metal bar. Easily broken by a kick or someone knocking a bit too hard to wake someone up. Or just subdue while his belonging were swiftly taken from him.
The room had a table. Small and made of metal, upon it stood a coffee pot - one which might’ve been taken from a kids toy set. And two plastic cups. Which seemed to be taken from another kids toy box, for they were not matching at all.

It had a sink with a metal pipe leading in from the window and a lever you turned to get the water on or off. Warm water was out of the question. The shower and toilet was located in the same room and same place for that matter. The shower did have a regular knob to regulate the flow, but this wasn’t moving and apparently just for show,. You regulated the water flow in the shower with a lever as well. Two modes - On or Off.
The toilet wasn’t one of the ones we have in western countries, it has marking for you to place your feets and then there is like a toilet bowl in the ground. And you have a bucket which you fill with water to flush with. Quite a tiering system since you have to hunch down and sit on your knees. But still a very functional one.
…Now I know why Asians are so good at squats….

It had a double bed with a matrass which was rock hard. Didn’t budge. But still, it was a place to sleep.
I paid the taxi driver for his services and decided to make myself comfortable… Propping up the bag against the door, just to give me a few extra seconds, should someone have the wish to try to get in. I laid to rest.
I slept only a few hours each time, waking up constantly. But I felt rather rested as I got up to try to make my way to the station.

Having checked out and walking down thee road I got called in by a tourist centre. Having nothing to lose I went inside, since I’m so late in trying to find a place to stay during a very popular time in a very popular area.
The lady was able to help me get transport and a hotel on and to Ko Samui, which is very close to Ko Pa-Ngan. And with a ferry to the full moon party.
I spoke to some other people who were also in there, and this was the first place they’d spoken to which could actually help them. All others had said everything was booked already.

Seems as if my luck is holding so far. Let’s hope it stays that way..

After having spent my day in the massive mall I am now sitting on the bus which is going to take me to a ferry which will finally take me to Ko Samui.

It’s 3 Am, so I’m going to try to get some sleep. It’ll be a massive day when I reach my destination with accommodation, food and Full Moon New Years Party!

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091229 - Australia

2010Posted by Jonte Saturday, January 02 2010 07:50:21
Farewell Australia! I shall see you soon again!
We’ve had a good run and I have great memories from you. All the strange times - Doing pushups in the strangest places, all the laughter, all the sorrow, frustration and hopefulness.
You’ve changed my life forever and thanks to my friends I met there, I am now entering life stronger and better than ever before.
I’ve tried many new things, and taken on and discarded many of them. That’s what Jo, my dear friend, has helped me with. She’s thrown things at me and stepped back to see what sticks on me. And for that, Jo, I thank you with all my heart.
Without you, I don’t know where I would stand today. I don’t think I would’ve evolved as much as I now have.

I know I’ll see you all again my friends. Jo, Marte, Adam, Chris, Barry, Tee, Jess, Joakim, Fiachra, Dave (both of you) and Vlad. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone of The Tribe. I love you all more than I think you can imagine!

And to all the rest of the people in the Art’s Factory I’ve met. Thank you for being you and not pretending. You are all amazing people and I hope I’ll meet you again someday as well. Love and hugs to all of you!

Australia - I’ll see you later mate!

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091227 - Christmas Day

2010Posted by Jonte Saturday, January 02 2010 07:48:28
Well, I’ve had an interesting day and night.
I arrived to Sydney and had no large difficulties to get the train to Kings Cross to meet up with Marte again. Which was great!
However. There was no place to stay in her hostel, and they wanted 50(!) bucks a night. Outrageous! I asked them what I got extra for paying double the cost.
She just looked at me funnily and said “extra?”. Of course not. You don’t get any extra for paying double the price in holiday seasons… In real Christmas sprit and all.
Anyway, as I said. I had no place to stay and even though Marte had a double bed she was sleeping alone in, there was no space for me…
At 10 PM they asked me to leave. At least they let me leave my bags and stuff in Marte’s room. So I had no valuables on me (apart from my phone), and so, I prepared to see what the streets of Sydney was like on Christmas day. Yes mom, I dressed warm and Marte even borrowed me her scarf J

After wandering up the road 50 meters I bumped into some guys standing outside a hostel, being drunk. So I stopped by them to chat for a while before I was planning on going to the cathedral to see if they would have any place for a newly become drifter like myself.
But alas, the only one at the house of god was a grumpy security guard who looked at me like I just murdered 10 people.

Did I tell you that it was raining? No, I didn’t did I? Anyway. It was. Not much, but enough to cool you down like hell after spending some time in it.
Finally I managed to find a couple of steps outside a business office which was sheltered from both sight and rain. Thusly I spent three hours sleep there, before I moved spot to a bench outside a hotel which was closed. There I spent three more hours, before moving to McDonalds, buying a muffin and spending two hours there, sitting and falling asleep and having a man throwing a glass heart at me saying “Merry Christmas”. Well, he didn’t really throw it AT me, but to me. So it was a kind gesture.

After that it was eight o’clock, so I went back to the hostel and asked if they had any accommodation, which they now did! Wohoo! And I was allowed to stay, not for 10 days as everyone else was forced to book, but only during the time before my flight left. Which ruled.
And I had a toilet and shower in my room as well. Not worth 50 bucks a night, but what do you do. At least I’m in the same place as my friend.

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Merry Christmas!

2009Posted by Jonte Thursday, December 24 2009 04:59:57
Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to you all!

This is going to be another loong random message containing no real point or purpose other than entertaining myself on a boring bus ride.

Christmas is all about sharing and caring, eating and drinking, argues and stress. Proper Christmas times. At least that’s what I’ve understood from all the people I’ve met when travelling. It’s all part of it. Of course - in the end it’s all made up for and, overall, Christmas is something great and beautiful.
For me right now though, it’s something which will be very different.
To start with, there’s no snow. Secondly, there’s no family or friends to celebrate it with. Thirdly…I’m on a bus right now.

But hey! Then again! It’s just the 24th. And… on Christmas day, when everything is closed and no single person should be working, I’m flying from Christchurch to Sydney. Hoping that they’ll be in a jolly good Christmas mood and giving me lots of free stuff on the plane and showing the Nightmare before Christmas on the TV screens.

I’m looking forward to it though. I’m meeting up with Marte again there, and I’ve also decided to meet up with a Sydney girl I met when bungy jumping. And the two of us have a mission to do. If it works or not, we’ll see, but it’s another sign on how much I’ve changed - all for the better of course.
So yes, my days in Sydney will be eventful even though there’s only 4 of them…

I’m hoping to be able to get onto the internet today in the library, but I’m not sure if the libraries are open during Christmas…

To go back to a few things which’ve happened earlier on…
Me and Caroline did reach Franz Josef - of course. And we went to see the Glacier! Which was amazing! That massive chunk of ice and the valley it’d pressed itself into… It’s a mighty sight for those who hasn’t seen anything like it before. I didn’t go climbing on it though. Don’t really have the money to do it right now. And because of that chunk of ice, it’s very rainy in the close lying area of it… Me - not having any rain clothes what so ever was not too bothered by this actually. It was cold and wet, but it wasn’t raining a lot… until we decided to go back home at least - and we managed to hitch a ride back to the hostel by a friendly couple from Australia.
Oh! There was a really cool bird there as well! Not very scared of people at all and a bloody model on top of that! Jumping from rock to rock and posing for pictures just a few meters away.

Anyway, we had to stay there for one more night than intended - due to that there is no bloody way to actually get OUT of Franz Josef unless you have your own car. And since it’s always raining, you don’t wanna hitch.
We booked a bus on the evening before, went out to stand outside about 5 minutes before it was intended to be there. But apparently the bus had already passed and gone. We got very confused and went over to the hostel to talk to them about this and they told us to go down to the bus stop - there somehow had to be some sort of mistake.
So we did, and just as I’m walking up on the side of the bus, it closes the door and drives off… Annoyance.

We got to borrow a mobile phone off a nice girl to call the company and ask what the hell was going on? They told us they’d call the driver. After much frustration the bus finally came back for us. Apparently they hadn’t notified the driver that we were supposed to be on the bus, so - of course. He didn’t wait for us.
He was very nice though and we made it to Hokitika.
The passengers on the bus though was not so nice - when I came on I thanked everyone for their patience and apologised for causing such a mess. The obvious thing to do, right?
Then a man opens his mouth as I‘m passing by and gives me a very “upper class“ - look (you know the one - “I‘m so much better than you“-one), American of course, “We wouldn’t have waited for you…”.

Later on when we were on a quick stop he came back up to me again and asked me where I’m from.. “Sweden.”
“Oh, we thought you were from Florida because you were so late.”
… I’m sorry? Does these people believe that the world revolves around them? There’s more bloody countries in the world than America.
A friend of mine who’s American told me something very true. “The one thing Americans need to understand is that the rest of the world hates them.”
This might seem very racist or close-minded when you’re travelling. But when you’re in a group of friends, the Americans are the guys who always has to be the centre of attention and can’t be satisfied with just listening to a story, but has to come up with a better story to beat the story just been told. Funny that the people of one of the most powerful countries in the world would have the tiny dick complex. Guess that’s explains a lot about the country itself.

Anyway… enough ranting.
We finally reached Hokitika and spent a few hours there - looking at Kiwis and learning a bit about Punamu and New Zealand Jade. I even splashed out a bit and got myself a Christmas present.
Taking a bus from Hokitika we finally came to Greymouth. And I spent that bus trip talking to a girl from Austria named Silvia. We decided to go to the same hostel and we all ended up in the same room, along with a Welch guy who came a bit later and suddenly a crew was formed! His friend also turned up a bit later and we had an awesome evening!
Lots of fun and drinks until it was time for us to leave the day after. Caroline stayed behind to go to Christchurch the day after that. Silvia took a bus to Nelson and I hitched to the same location, and we both was going to meet up at the same hostel there.
Hitching is always fun and an adventure in itself - so I won’t bore you with details. But I made it after a good couple of k’s walking and about 8 hours.

Oh! I stopped by the ‘Pancake rocks’ and was chased by seagulls (went to far out on the rocks too close to their nesting place, haha). It was pretty damned cool and I’ve got pictures of that as well.

The hostel had free wifi (Yay!), so I was on the net quite a lot when I was staying there and me and Silvia went kayaking the day after I arrived. It was completely awesome and I saw seels with their babies, penguins and shags (to mention a few). I also saw a black shag - apparently a thing which is very rare to see by the coast.
I thought he was kidding first. But a shag is actually a type of bird…And - as the name states - a black shag is a completely black one.
They’re quite funny because unlike other birds they’re not water resistant. They soak the water up to sink easier. But when they get back up they can hardly fly because they’re so heavy, so they have to get to a branch and dry out in the sun.
We stopped on a beach to relax and have something to drink and eat. I was lying on a beach and bathing in the sea a few days before Christmas. I also had a mug of hot chocolate, which was delicious!
Our tour guide had lost his watch, he told us this and asked what the time was… no one knew of course.
So we managed to stretch the tour out to be about an hour longer than it was supposed to be - Awesomeness!

Right… so we’ve made it up ’til the day before yesterday now… And nothing really happened that day apart from us baking Austrian Christmas cookies and bribing us in with those to share a nice mussel meal some others cooked.
Silvia left early in the morning, and thus I was without anyone I knew again, but fear not people! I found one! A woman who had turned 30 the day before had moved into my room and of course, we had to celebrate her 30th birthday with two bottles of wine and some nice food. It was a fun evening and around midnight I brought out the guitar and began playing a few songs. Feels weird when you’re the only one who knows how to play again.. But apparently people liked it and I was even able to pick out a few songs just by them singing it and I’d find the chords to it. So, even though I don’t know many popular songs, I can still pick ‘em out.

Wow, 3rd page…
The one who reads all this is one go must either be very interested, or very bored.
Anyway… I can’t think of anything more to write, schooo.. I’ll see you all later! Probably in Australia!
Merry Christmas to you all!

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091217 - Hichhiking

2009Posted by Jonte Sunday, December 20 2009 00:03:43
The road goes on and on…
I’ve never really understood the concept until I started hitchhiking. It’s such a cool experience to have. To travel all these distances without actually paying for anything. We’ve been quite lucky though. We just left Queenstown yesterday and was only able to make it to Wanaka in one day. So we spent the night there, in the same hostel as before. And today we’re making our way to Franz Josef. Hopefully. We’re not sure how far we’ll get, but I’m keeping the hope up for the both of us.
Caroline has a cold which won’t really go away and it makes her grumpy and easily irritated. And being as generalizing as I am; she’s from the central Stockholm, so she’s slightly getting on my nerves. I can’t really tell what it is, but something about her behaviour makes me annoyed. She acts as if she’s better than everyone else. I even heard other people say the same thing. But I’m still going to travel with her for the time being, she hasn’t pissed me off yet, haha.

Anyway, moving back a bit in time… Queenstown! We spent a few more nights there than we thought we would, but wow, did I experience things. First of all, the skydive, didn’t happen the day after. The weather wasn’t good enough for a skydive to take place, so I waited around until it was time for me to do the Bungy and Arc combo. Oh my god, the feeling was amazing. First there was a bus drive up a tiny gravel road in the mountain, most places didn’t even have any rails, and the rails it did have consisted of barbed wire for the sheep… and a 100 metre drop straight down.
When we finally got up there it was quite windy, but not too bad. Although the small cable “car” which took us out to the “building” hanging from the cables where you do your jump was swaying a lot in the wind. It had only a metal fence and a metal floor with holes in the metal so you could easily see down to the ground. In the cable-building they equipped you with ankle-pads which were later hooked onto the bungy-cable when it was your turn.
I was the first one out and to be honest… I was able to keep a straight face and be rather relaxed and calm on the outside. But inside I was bubbling with uncertainty and fear. Which I do believe you should when you’re about to do something as crazy as that; leaping from 134 meters into a canyon with a river running through it. It’s an amazing and beautiful place by itself. But standing there on the tiny ledge, looking down to the bottom below. Your whole body tingles.

I was the one to jump first. And so I went up the platform, attached to my bungy-cable and stood on the platform. “I’m going to give you a countdown… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” and I leapt. I shifted my body forward so I came out of balance, and before the mind kicks in there was only one thing I could do. A no hesitation leap straight out into nothingness.
The ground comes at you quicker than you think, but the adrenaline pumping through your body is amazing!
It’s the most fun thing I’ve done in my entire life. And the recoil of the elastic band isn’t as bad as it looks. It’s very slow and nice actually.

So, after having the greatest adrenaline rush of my life, I went to do the giant swing! 120 meters up in the air, you swing in a gigantic arc which stretches over 600 meters. Of course, I chose to do that one hanging upside down, facing the way I was going.
The swing was more of a nice, relaxing feeling than an adrenaline pumping one as the Nevis Bungy. It was still nice as hell though and I don’t regret for one second the money I spent on them.

The day after that the weather wasn’t good for skydiving either. So it didn’t happen that day. But I did go on a Jetboating trip. Which was… not as good as I hoped it would. It wasn’t bad and is probably really good for families who have children which are a bit older. They’re very skilled drivers who knows the waters and rocks perfectly as they’re speeding through the rocks and canyons at 80 km/h , licking the rock walls and doing 360 spins (only one at a time though).

I also met Helen (from Byron bay!), who was also in Queenstown at the time working as a teacher for university students.. Heh. It’s funny when you think of it… Not the type of character I would expect in a teacher.
Anyway, we went out during the evening and just enjoyed ourselves. She’s so much fun!
I got a few hours sleep and went to the skydive centre hung over (due to my state I was late and thought I didn’t have to go to the centre that day, but apparently they were already waiting for me… So I ran from my hostel (bumbles) to the skydive centre for N-Zone.
They shipped us out and we finally headed up in the tiny, tiny plane to do our first jump ever! The plane doesn’t have any seats and to be able to stand you have to be smaller than a midget.
It does have a padded floor though and the door is made of a thin sheet of plastic.
Then they open up the door and you’re suddenly 15 000 feet up in the air. Looking down at the clouds. And suddenly you’re being moved to the door itself and you soon find yourself sitting on the side, feet dangling underneath the plane.
Then it’s time for the jump and you don’t do anything. The instructor does all that… and after that… you’re just falling. I imagine that dying from leaping from such a height must be very comfortable. But after 60 seconds of falling through the sky the parachute opens up and you feel a tug, then you’re soaring… just floating through the sky. It’s an amazing feeling which is hard to describe. But I’ve thought about actually becoming a skydiver after trying this. Doing this as job, or even just for a hobby would be awesome.

The same day as I did that me and Helen went up the mountain in Queenstown. We walked up (because tickets costs money) and it was quite a long walk uphill. It didn’t have a proper path for those who weren’t able to walk well, but for me and Helen it was fun. Carro was going to tag along, but she was so sick and slow that she turned back to the hostel. But we continued onwards and upwards!
We got a lift from some guys who were driving up on the last way, which was awesome. Up there we drove something which was called Louge. Which is like small cars you drive down hills on a track. It was funny as hell and me and Helen were racing and trying to knock each other off the track. Sooo much fun!

Now we’re currently in a car with a swizz guy who picked us up on our way to Franz Josef. He’s backpacking as well, so we’ve stopped at a few different locations, taking pictures, enjoying the views and just being amazed at the nature in this incredibly beautiful country. We stopped by a beach where the rocks were flat and been grounded down by the sea to make them smooth as a baby… I took a few with me, no big ones though. The entire side of the beach was covered with small towers of stones people have built as a memory. ..we did that too.
So, right now I’m looking out and on either side there’s mountain ranges covered with trees. And on top there’s a few wisp of clouds that’s stretching their way down the mountain side.
It’s easy to see that this is the youngest land mass on earth with its incredibly lush and energetic country. It blows you away.
Those of you who’s seen Lord of the Rings movies and think the scenery is beautiful.. You ain’t seen nothing yet. You see scenery similar to that on a daily basis.

There’s been a change in climate again now as well. It’s more lush forests around the roads and they are more windy and small. I’m indeed very impressed with this country and I’d love to travel and trek here some other time. It’s a shame the wages are horrible. 12-13 NZ dollars an hour is a normal minimal wage, which most people get. Which is about 60-65 SEK… And it’s still rather expensive to live here. A night in a hostel costs from 27 dollars for the cheapest. And food’s not cheap either.
So before I do come here to work I need a good education and resume so I can get a good job, haha.

Now I’m going to fall asleep I think, it’s been a long day and I’m slightly growing tired of Carro’s constant hopelessness if we don’t get a ride in 30 minutes. It takes her about 10 minutes to grow bored and start going “This is going to take forever! We won’t be able to make it what so ever…” Etc. etc. etc. I do believe that the sickness is making her tired, but she does also have a lot of stuff and doesn’t pack very well, so she’s carrying a lot of extra bags, hanging when she’s walking.
I’ve only got my backpack, the food bag hanging from that, guitar and fire staff. I repacked all my things yesterday so I could optimize my backpack. And my backpack is getting rather heavy on that note, I’m going to try and weigh it just to see how much it actually weighs, but I think that, with the food bag, it weighs at the very least 30-40 kilos. Probably more. It’s fun though.

I’m running out of days now though. And I fear I won’t be able to go up north to see Tee. Which sucks. Because I really wanted to do that, but then again. There will definitely be another time for that as well. This trip has taken me around the southern island and it’s so expensive to take the ferry to the northern island at this point. But whatever happens I’m confident that I’ll be satisfied whatever happens and I’m overjoyed that I got to meet Helen again and spend some really great time with her. Nothing is ever boring when you’re with Helen.
She even taught me how to make chickens out of kitchen towels. Which now is my new mission. A kitchen-chicken invasion!
As I said… Nothing is ever boring with Helen around.

I wish you all very well and I shall be seeing you later! … Hope I can upload this soon.

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091212 - New Zealand

2009Posted by Jonte Sunday, December 20 2009 00:02:58
It is now the 12 December. I came to New Zealand a week ago and have travelled further than I ever thought I would in such a short time.
I’ve been travelling with Carolin, a Swedish girl I met in Christchurch and we’ve been hitchhiking together since. It’s been a good trip and an easy one at that, people believe we’re a couple and thus they are more likely to pick us up. It’s been proven to work so far. We went from Christchurch with a guy we met in the hostel, and he took us almost halfway. Then we got a ride from there with an old man who had beaten cancer and had to lift his leg up to the clutch every time he was going to use it.
He took us down old roads next to the canals and on small sightseeing trips to different lookout points where he stopped and let us take pictures. It was amazing to see all these different routes most people don’t know anything about.
He took us down to Twizel, a tiny town in the middle of nowhere pretty much. But we got a lift from there by a man who was on a business trip with a rental car. He was from the northern island, but had never been down to the southern parts. So he was on as much of a sightseeing as we were. He drove us to Wanaka, which turned out to be a beautiful place with a lake and mountains all around it. It’s hard to believe that you can come to a place which looks like they do on a postcard. But the places like that do exist. Believe me.
Today we left Wanaka and headed for Queenstown, which is also a beautiful place. We got a lift from a girl who was very well travelled, having been in many places, including Sweden.
We drove through a mountain pass, over it is more proper to say though. It was an amazing sight from on top of it. You’ll be hearing a lot of that word in this, for all I have seen so far has been amazing. Much alike the post cards you might see. The next time I come here I will buy a car and drive by myself. To get a proper look of it all.
On the way down from the mountain we started to smell something burning, which happened to be the breaks of the car we were travelling in… so we had to stop a few times on the way down to let them cool down a bit. But we made it to Queenstown without much difficulty and she even let us stop at a supermarket to buy some food.

It’s been a crazy and fun trip so far and me and Carolin are actually getting along pretty well. I booked some awesome stuff today though, for tomorrow I am going to do a 15 000 feet skydive in the morning, and the tallest bungy jump and also a massive canyon swing in the afternoon!
It’s going to be amazing beyond belief!

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